Current Students

Name Email Research Interests Status Web Presence
imgp4958-copy-2 Iris Bull infrastructure, videogames, race & gender studies, feminist praxis, cultural studies, production cultures 1st Year CCS; 3rd Year Communication & Culture
alexis-peirce-caudell Alexis Peirce Caudell Technology, Environment, Children’s Geographies, Ethnography Learning every day
Wan-Ling Chang I focus on the field of Human-Robot Interaction and study how Socially Assistive Robotics are appropriated in the eldercare organizational contexts. Candidate
jay-g Javon Goard videogames, culture, race, Esports, gender In Coursework
tristan-g Tristan Gohring I am interested in how queer and trans communities do identity work using online spaces. Keywords: gender, sexuality, infrastructure, identity, nonbinary gender 3rd year in coursework
brian Brian Harper YouTube, video games, culture 1st year
richard-k Rich Knepper cyberinfrastructure, big science, advanced computing in R&D PhD candidate
hee-rin-lee Heerin Lee participatory design, intelligent systems, human computer interaction, human robot interaction PhD candidate
oscar Oscar Lemus ethnographic methods, sustainability, design, marginalized communities 1st year
paulamatepic Paula Mate ICTD, Information and Communication Technologies for Development, Africa, Development, Health Information Systems 4th Year
chris Christopher Miles drones, animal studies, digital technology, media theory, food and agriculture, capitalism and nature, ontology and identity 5th year / candidate
alex Alex Mirowski video games, history of technology, culture, virtual reality, infrastructure 3rd year
dakota Dakota Murray Scholarly Communication, Science of Science, Scientometrics, Gender and Science, Data Science Coursework
Swapna Joshi Placemaking, Community and Public Robotics, Interactive Technology, Mixed Reality. 1st year PhD Student
emmanuel Emmanuel Udoh Information and Communication Technologies for Development; Technologies for Emerging Markets; eGovernment; Internet of Things. 3rd year